Art​A Mare Who Saved Her Foal From a Bear

​A Mare Who Saved Her Foal From a Bear


ALMATY. KazUnite – A mare that saved its foal from a bear’s sharp claw, sacrificing its own withers for the foal’s life, is feeding its baby foal despite the bloody mess. Not letting an angry, scary chasing bear catch its foal, letting the bear rip out its own back wither she kept its foal’s life.

Is it possible to look at this scene without emotion, without heartbreak?

No matter how the mare was wounded, its foal is safe. Isn’t it the main foothold to the mare?

Her bloody wound is not a prevention before its love to its baby, foal. A mare is feeding its own foal with love though it’s barely standing on its feet.

Death in the way of saving own foal is not as scary. In case of danger to own baby foal, the mare was ready to go through fire and beyond.

We see in this image the blood-soaked mare with a fizzy, lifeless mane. Careless innocent foal. It is an ugly image, but yet it is so impressive. It is so touching yet so heartbreaking.

No words are needed to convey the power of maternal love. One picture of this is enough.

But one thing makes us think and sign. Does anyone who is considered a being at the highest stage of development on the Earth care about their child as this mare does? Aren’t there people in the world who leave their children without any care, no pity, without mercy?

Yes, it is clear that this state of the mare, who was ready to give her soul to her foal, led us to various thoughts.

This frame depicts the deadly pursuit of a foal, the battle against death, the defense, the sacrifice, the mercy, and the love…

A single frame. But whole life.

Life continues thanks to mother’s love. Life continues in the mother’s hug…

Ainur Muratova


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