InfoServicemen Paid Tribute In-Memoriam of Talgat Begeldinov

Servicemen Paid Tribute In-Memoriam of Talgat Begeldinov


In honor of this occasion, memorial events were held across all branches of the Armed Forces, military units, and higher military educational institutions. A solemn gathering took place at the Air Defense Forces Military Institute, where distinguished servicemen were honored with certificates of commendation, as reported by citing the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For conscript soldiers, lessons of courage were conducted in military units, featuring a screening of the documentary film “Assault Aviation” from the series “Liberators.”

A thematic exhibition dedicated to the pilot-assaulter Talgat Begeldinov was organized at the State Military-Historical Museum of the Armed Forces, showcasing photographs and documents that narrate the glorious chapters of his life and heroic endeavors during the war.

Talgat Yakubekovich Begeldinov was born in 1922 in the village of Maybalyk, Akmolinsk region. He spent his childhood and youth in Bishkek. His dream of becoming a pilot led him to the aero club in Bishkek, where a year later, he became a flight instructor. He graduated from the Balashov Military Aviation School of Pilots in the Saratov region and later attended the Orenburg Aviation School.

Starting as an ordinary pilot, he went on to become the commander of a squadron in a Guard’s aviation regiment by the end of the war. He fought on the Kalinin, Voronezh, Steppe, and the first and second Ukrainian fronts, completing 305 combat sorties. Despite facing numerous life-threatening situations and sustaining injuries, he remained unwavering in his determination to endure and triumph.

After the war, Talgat Yakubekovich graduated from the Military Air Academy, served in a strike aviation regiment in Ukraine, and led the staff at the Krasnodar Higher School of Navigators of the Air Force. He also served as the Deputy Head of the Civil Aviation Management in Kazakhstan. Until his advanced years, he actively participated in the life of the state and society, heading an international foundation that provided support to war veterans.


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