InfoA Respected Elder from Kazakhstan Embarks on a Remarkable Global Trek

A Respected Elder from Kazakhstan Embarks on a Remarkable Global Trek


Sarsenbay Kotyrashov, a renowned Kazakhstani traveler, has commenced a momentous journey, aiming to set a world record officially registered in the Guinness World Records. The ambitious feat involves a walking expedition covering the following route: Kazakhstan – Russia – Georgia – Turkey – Bulgaria – Serbia – Hungary – Austria – Germany – France – USA – China – Mongolia – Russia – Kazakhstan, as reported by citing the press service of the Kazakhstan National Geographic Society.

At the age of 73, Sarsenbay Kotyrashov plans to achieve the unrecorded milestone of circumnavigating the globe on foot while being over 70 years old, thereby securing his place in the esteemed Guinness World Records.

“I am in excellent physical shape. The walking marathon through Kazakhstan served as both a test and preparation for this endeavor. Age is not a determining factor. I feel capable, and that’s why I decided to take on this momentous challenge.” – the veteran traveler asserted.

Kotyrashov aims to cover approximately 30 to 40 kilometers each day, anticipating a two-year expedition, concluding in August 2025. To facilitate the journey, he has divided the route into several stages. The first stage encompasses Kazakhstan-Russia-Georgia-Turkey, which is projected to span 100 days, encompassing around 3,000 kilometers. The second stage will take him through Turkey-France-USA, extending over 180 days and surpassing 9,000 kilometers. Lastly, the third stage entails USA-China-Mongolia-Russia-Kazakhstan, planned to span 130 days and traverse over 4,000 kilometers.

This daring adventure in his advanced years exemplifies the call of the heart. Sarsenbay Kotyrashov serves as a shining example of promoting a healthy lifestyle, displaying strength, resilience, and bravery. The Chairman of QazaqGeography, Erik Sultanov, conveyed warm wishes for robust health, boundless energy, and successful achievement of his goal.

QazaqGeography has confirmed that Sarsenbay Kotyrashov will receive support from Kazakhstani embassies and local Kazakhstani diaspora in the various countries he traverses. Bakhtiyar Kozhakhmetov, the representative of the intrepid traveler, will be monitoring and maintaining communication with Kotyrashov throughout his entire journey.

“We have engaged in negotiations with consulates and embassies of Kazakhstan, and they have provided us with support and issued relevant notes to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the countries where they are located. Therefore, there will be no problems at the borders; Sarsenbay has a passport, and Kazakhs do not need visas to visit Russia, Turkey, and Georgia,” Kozhakhmetov explained.

Following the completion of the first stage, Sarsenbay Kotyrashov will return to Kazakhstan, awaiting the arrival of spring to continue his global trek from where he left off.

In 2022, Sarsenbay Kotyrashov gained nationwide recognition by walking across 17 regions of Kazakhstan (covering 8,000 kilometers) in six months at the age of 72.


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