InfoKazakhstan to provide space communication services to Tajikistan

Kazakhstan to provide space communication services to Tajikistan


DUSHANBE. KazUnite – Kazakhstan is to provide a transponder capacity on its Кazsat-3 satellite to Tajikistan, Kazinform correspondent reports.

An agreement was reached between the Republican Space Communication Center and Tajikistan’s Isatel to provide a transponder capacity on Kazakhstan’s Кazsat-3 satellite.

Owing to this, remote regions of Tajikistan will be provided with channels of communication.

Isatel is an Internet provider for both government bodies and private companies of Tajikistan.

Kazakhstan’s satellite communication system fully meets the country’s demand for communication services as well as markets its products in Kyrgyzstan.

In his address to the people, the Kazakh president stated increasing the export of digital sector services as one of the directions of the development of the Kazakh economy.


Photo: Kazinform


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