InfoKazakhstan and the U.S. has strong relations

Kazakhstan and the U.S. has strong relations


WASHINGTON. KazUnite – Kazakhstan and the United States of America always have had good relations. The two countries have strong political and bilateral economic relations. Proving these are facts that the first country to recognize the independence of Kazakhstan, was the United States. The two countries have been friends and partners for 33 years.

Kazakhstan gave up its nuclear arsenal and closed the Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS). After that, the United States helped Kazakhstan in the withdrawal of nuclear warheads and weapons-grade materials. Since then, the two countries have put a lot of work into those fields.

The two countries have strong bilateral economic relations. Kazakhstan is also 81st a major trading partner of the United States. A lot of countries have invested in Kazakhstan and most of the investments have been from the United States. The amount of investment amounted to tens of billions of dollars in 2021. Moreover, the United States government has provided assistance to Kazakhstan with investment, trade, corruption, environment, combating threats, and so on.

Kazakhstan is a member of many international organizations. The two countries interact via international organizations as well.


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