InterviewEverybody Is Free to Be Selfish

Everybody Is Free to Be Selfish


NEW YORK. KazUnite – I’ve seen this couple before in the DMV in California. After the quarantine, when the institutions were not yet fully open, people were waiting in line under the hot sun. This couple was also a part of the crowd. After a while, the man stepped out. He came back with a cart full of water. He shared a bottle of water with the people and gave everyone joy. Later, I saw them on social media. I then realized that this couple were musicians. The man is Joshua Martin and his wife’s name is Chelsie. Joshua writes songs as well as performs them. We interviewed the couple for Kazunite.

– According to the research results, the ideology of pop culture in the US imposed materialism and overconsumption. The heroes of the movies, clips, adds, mass media and TV shows are rich people who live in a nice house, in luxury. Do you agree?

– I think that if people work hard, they are free to do what they want with their wealth. Not everybody likes to help others, but they are free to be selfish or generous. Some people are rich simply because they don’t give. And some people are rich because the wealth was given them.

– The main purpose of the science of Communication is bringing the voice of the minority, of people who has different worldview, different values.

Do you consider yourself a member of a minority of American society that value spiritual wealth over than material one?

– I would say that what I believe is viewed as a minority but it’s actually on of the largest world views on the planet, it’s just hushed by the media and propaganda of the world. Yet I feel what I value is written on the hearts of all of man kind yet many choose to ignore it.

– How do you find a content in today’s world where majority people is materialist?

– I do that by making sure what I do will be helpful to others whether I’m in front of people or behind closed doors. I’m not perfect at it and have failed but I do my best to make sure your life can help someone even when there not looking. So materialistic things are just tools to impact someone’s life for the better of their future.

– I saw you when you where giving out water, making good to people who were in a long line in front of DMV office in California in a hot summer day under the sunlight.

Do you satisfy your own ego making good things to others?

– Doing good works has no satisfaction to my ego. I do good because the good God has done for me. I felt this weight on my heart and I felt thirsty and in return simply everyone else was thirsty. So, we went and bought them water. And to me what was satisfied was there thirst. God says when we ignore poor and ignore needy, or thirsty and hungry we ignore Him.

– You’re an artist, you’re singer. What is the main message of your songs?

– The main message is to love God and love others. And let others know that there is always hope. That there is always a better way. That there is always forgiveness but that it is only found in one place.

– You give people good wishes, good feelings, kindness, and good direction. What do you receive back in return?

– I simply receive back gratitude. It makes me grateful.


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